National Endorsement

On March 20, David Kempf received the endorsement of Oleg Atbashian (aka Red Square) james-garnerof The People’s Cube. Mr. Atbashian is a nationally recognized figure who comments on the national political scene. Mr. Kempf wishes to thank Mr. Atbashian by erecting a bronze statue replica of one of Atbashian’s famous drawings. The bronze would be cast by the local artisans at The Crucible and placed along Legacy Trail, perhaps next to the likeness of Hollywood actor James Garner.

The sculpture would be paid for out of our generous public funding of the Norman Arts Council and the proposed 25% hike in the hotel/motel room tax.

Mr. Atbashian’s endorsement may have been prompted by this site’s page entitled “Free Cheese“.

About the Norman Arts Council

The Norman Public Arts Board is working to enhance Norman’s image locally, regionally and nationally by insuring the creation of the highest quality art for display in our community’s public places. The NPAB believes that public art has the possibility of defining a community, enriching cultural diversity, stimulating economic activity, and encouraging all forms of artistic endeavors.


About Oleg Atbashian

author_Oleg_Atbashian_fullGrowing up in the USSR, where the only permitted sources of information were textbooks and the official media, I believed that the Soviet Union was the most advanced society, while all other countries lived in poverty and oppression, devoid of the sun of Marxism-Leninism. I wanted them to become more like the USSR for their own good, and couldn’t wait to grow up and live in the communist future, not worrying about money.

With years, as I began to encounter boundaries to intellectual inquiry, coupled with rampant hypocrisy and corruption, I initially attributed it to the wrong, dogmatic interpretation of Marxism by the ruling elites. Next came the realization that Marxism was not the solution, but the cause of the dysfunctional system, and that the communist utopia was only a dead-end exit in humanity’s long and stressful journey towards progress. I took on activism, joined political underground, collected signatures in defense of dissidents, and wrote articles and short stories that satirized socialism and the self-delusional Soviet regime. Most of it was never published.

I moved to the United States in 1994, hoping to forget about politics and enjoy life in a country that was ruled by reason and common sense, whose citizens were appreciative of constitutional rights, the rule of law, and the prosperity of free market capitalism. But what I found was a society deeply infected by the leftist disease of “progressivism” that was jeopardizing real societal progress. So I started writing again, this time in English.

Mr. Atbashian has written about the perils of too much government in his highly instructive book “Shakedown Socialism“.


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