Liberty or Death

This page is a compilation of the things that are of concern to your neighbors in Norman. They have been presented to me as a candidate for Mayor going to various gatherings and receiving various solicitations for opinion.

It is up to you to decide if the people or groups involved have respect for your right as an individual to live as a free person or as an indentured servant of the government. Questionaires or topics indicate what each group considers to be most important in our local government.

Please note that many of the questions are formulated in such a way as to suggest what is presumed to be the correct answer. Questions that expect a yes or no answer may be constructed in such a way that neither yes or no is satisfactory to any one who wants to exercise his God-given rights.

Survey Questions from the Norman Chamber of Commerce

Survey Questions from the Oklahoma Sierra Club

Survey Questions from the Fraternal Order of Police

Questions from the League of Women Voters

Singular Question from the Norman Arts Council

Kempf_Sign_400_Corp_TheftKempf_Sign_400_Agenda_21 Kempf_Sign_400_Bribes Kempf_Sign_400_Control  Kempf_Sign_400_Generic


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