Free Cheese

As candidate for Mayor, I’ve been to numerous gatherings of local folks who want to know where I stand on this or that issue. Almost to a “T” every concern has been centered on the simple question:

“Do you support the government’s funding of ______________________.”

When one says “government funding”, he means the extraction of taxes from fellow citizens­­­­­­­ – from his neighbors up and down the street – to support his habit or business.

Plenty of free cheese has always been abundantly available. Here is is the direct link to get yours today, no questions asked!

I’m running for Mayor because cheese is actually pretty expensive. Furthermore, both of the other candidates are enthusiastic supporters of this or that flavor of cheese. In fact, each enjoys and promotes many flavors of what they claim is free government cheese.

I’d rather that the government focus on the essential services it was contracted to supply, and get out of the dairy business. There is no lack of supply to meet your need from among the many independent dairy operators out there. Braum’s  or Highland would appreciate your business, I’m sure, and they provide outstanding service.

Free_Cheese_Statue“Free Cheese Can Only be Found in a Mouse Trap”
Image courtesy Oleg Atbashian (aka Red Square) of the People’s Cube.

All that’s required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing– sort of Edmund Burkish

Government Warning

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